What is a Scambio Culturale?
A school-sponsored cultural exchange, including family homestay, school visits and cultural excursions with the Liceo Veronese Linguistic High School in Montebelluna, Treviso, Italy.

  • Strengthen the Italian language program at Santa Rosa High
  • Promote Study of Italian Language and Culture
  • Develop higher levels of proficiency for Italian language learners
  • Provide all Santa Rosa High School students opportunities to experience interculturality and develop global competency skills

Liceo Veronese, __http://www.liceoveronese.it__, is located in Montebelluna in the province of Treviso, about an hour outside of Venice. The teacher in Italy in charge of the exchange is Ms. Carla Crostato. As part of the linguistic high school curriculum, Liceo Veronese students participate in several cultural exchanges travelling to many different countries, and Ms. Crostato and her school have a long history of hosting American students. The town is quiet and unspoiled by tourism which makes it perfect for a cultural exchange. Students will be supervised by adults at all times.

Approximately Oct 14-28, 2016, Carla Crostato and another teacher from Liceo Veronese, Elisa Viviani, and 18 Italian students will stay with SRHS host families for 2 weeks. Exact dates of the visit are not yet available. During the 2 week visit, they will attend SRHS and go on 3 Field Trips hosted by the SRHS. SRHS students whose families are hosts are also invited to join on these 3 Field Trips, but it would not be necessary if school could not be missed on one or all of those days. On other days, the Italian students will participate in local excursions with their 2 teachers instead of attending classes at SRHS. SRJC has offered to arrange a visit to Shone Farms and SRHS Student Government and Mr. Kennedy will help plan activities while they attend SRHS.

Then, on March 17-April 1 2017, 18 Santa Rosa High School students, myself, SRHS teacher Ms. Monica Garcia and SRHS parent, Ms. Rebecca Finley will travel to Montebelluna, Italy and stay with host families for 2 weeks- attending school on some days and visiting the nearby cities of Venice, Verona, Cortina, Vicenza and possibly Florence on other days. SRHS students will miss 5 school days, in addition to being gone during Spring Break. The absences will be excused absences.
The hosting school takes care of all the logistics for the visiting school, including transport to and from the airport, housing, food, and 3 cultural excursions. SRHS Host families would provide a bed and 3 meals per day for the visiting Italian student, and transportation to and from SRHS as necessary. SRHS high school families who volunteer to host an Italian student would also have the opportunity to send their child to Italy, even though travel to Italy is not required in order to host.

Estimated expenses:
$1750 per student for round-trip flight, airporter and miscellaneous travel-related expenses in the Spring.

For more information:
Please contact me for additional information.