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Web Resources for Italian

VHL Temas Supersite (AP Spanish/4th year Spanish textbook)

Quizlet (Review Vocabulary)
Spanish 1 Quizlet class quizlet
Italian 1 Quizlet class quizlet
Italian 2, 3, 4 and AP Italian Quizlet class quizlet
Spanish 4/AP Spanish Quizlet class quizlet

Review Italian verbs and vocabulary
Italian verbs
Italian vocabulary

Review Spanish verbs and vocabulary
Spanish verbs
Spanish vocabulary by theme

Online Dictionaries
wordreference Italian dictionary
wordreference Spanish dictionary

Improving Language Proficiency Levels
real language practice with BliĆ¹ BliĆ¹
real language practice with Duolingo

Language and Culture
class Youtube channel
Forchini's Pinterest boards

Practice Pronunciation

Tutorials and Videoseries
Spanish BBC Languages video series "Mi Vida Loca" mi vida loca
Spanish language learning videos from Spain (Video Ele) Beginning videos (A1)
Sr. Jordan "Tontito Frito" Spanish grammar videos Tontito Frito
Italian BBC Languages video series "La Mappa Misteriosa" la mappa misteriosa

Mind Snacks- free Mind snacks app for learning Italian, Spanish (even try your hand at Mandarin or Portugues!)